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Sally Freed is a professional retreat and workshop facilitator, with a passion for cultivating environments where people can safely explore and discover new understandings about themselves.  Participants love experiencing both playfulness and deep nurturing in Sally's retreats.  Sally has several years of retreat leadership experience working with educational and spiritual communities, as well as corporate and non-profit organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.  

Sally considers herself a ‘roving spiritualist’ with a deep love of travel, and great respect for the many ways in which people express their understanding of Sacred Mystery.  Her English, Welsh and Irish ancestry might explain her affinity for long walks in rainy weather, dark beer, warm fires, all things plaid, and Celtic Christian spirituality. Sally is delighted to be leading her second international retreat in Devon this fall, and looking forward to a return to Iona, Scotland in October of 2019. 

Sally is an experienced retreat facilitator and received her Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry in 2013.   She is a certified SoulCollage® facilitator  and is a spiritual director-in-training.  She and her husband Stuart make their home in Wenatchee, Washington, along with their three dogs. 


I had the privilege of participating in an international retreat facilitated by Sally – a truly life-giving experience. Though I knew nothing about her or the other retreatants at the outset, any fear I had of the unknown was quickly dispelled. From the early planning stages through the final goodbyes, Sally’s attention to detail was superb. She communicated well, created connections among the retreat participants, and was readily accessible every step of the way. Her style was infused with warmth and humor and her confidence was contagious. Sally’s skill and passion enabled a retreat that deeply nurtured my spirit and provided memories for a lifetime.
— Beth


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