workshop leader & retreat facilitator

As a facilitator and guide, I come alongside groups and leaders to create an atmosphere that fosters a healthy group dynamic and encourages respectful listening, thoughtful dialogue and playful interaction.

My priority is to cultivate an environment where people can learn something new about themselves and each other by utilizing relationship-building tools that promote positive interactions between people. 

My commitment is to designing retreats and workshops that meet your group’s unique goals and needs, rather than imposing a pre-packaged 'one-size-fits-all' program.   The result allows groups to:

  • relax & reconnect

  • nurture creativity

  • draw upon our 'inner wisdom'

  • explore the gifts of our unique personalities

  • foster deeper listening skills

  • lighten up (encourage laughter through healthy humor)

I also incorporate a little creativity into the group experience. It could be an art activity or an interactive icebreaker to help foster communication and create a more relaxed atmosphere. 

As each day of our retreat unfolded, I felt the bonds between the women strengthen. My courage to speak waxed in the calm, supportive environment. Thank you, Sally, for a retreat full of dialogue, laughter and even some tears. I hope you host a similar retreat this winter!
— Marsha Carlson, retreat participant

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