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Bishop’s House:
Our Home Away from Home



Our accommodations will be the lovely Bishop’s House, rooted on Iona’s shores since 1894.  Welcoming guests for over a century, it is the oldest retreat house on the island.  Overlooking the sea, and located within easy walking distance to the Iona Abbey, the Bishop’s House is an ideal setting for our retreat. 

The beautiful St. Columba Chapel in the heart of the Bishop’s House welcomes people of all faiths and those who may consider themselves ‘spiritual, but not religious’, providing round-the-clock space for contemplative practice, and daily worship.

The House offers a wonderful library with a cozy fireplace, a community dining room, and a bright and welcoming gathering space for retreat groups.  The Bishop’s House is affiliated with the Scottish Episcopal Church.  


I’ve participated in several group trips and retreats. In fact, I’m usually the one orchestrating them, so I set out for Iona with some trepidation, not fully sure if I would be able to relax and immerse myself in the full experience of the retreat. Once there, however, any such reservations quickly dissolved. My time on that tiny island off the west coast of Scotland – guided by Sally and Laurie – was truly transformative, bringing to light insights about myself and sense of identity that I didn’t even know were there. It’s been 18 months since my time on Iona, but I will forever carry its magical elements of wind, rain, sun and stone with me.
— Ron, Iona 2017 Pilgrim


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