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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this retreat for me?
During our time together, we will strive to create a retreat experience that allows for ample time both in community and in solitude, outdoor exploration, creative expression, and opportunities to share and reflect on many aspects of our life journey.  

Our retreat seeks to offer a safe and welcoming space for conversation and connection for people of all faith and/or spiritual backgrounds (or none).  Both women and men are warmly welcomed, adults only please (ages 18+). Space is limited to 15 guests.  

Must I have prior experience with SoulCollage® to participate?
Guests who have no experience with the SoulCollage® process are more than welcome to participate.  No artistic background is required.  This is a simple, intuitive and creative process that is equally enjoyed by beginners, and those with years of SoulCollage® experience.

For more information on the SoulCollage® process, please visit  

What airport will I fly into?
You will fly into Glasgow Airport (GLA), the closest airport to Iona.  Guests may choose to extend their travel plans to other points of interest in Scotland, the United Kingdom or Europe.

Do I need to secure tickets in advance for the bus, ferry and train travel from Glasgow to Iona?

Sally Freed will provide links to the specific train, ferry and motor coach websites and provide detailed information about timing for purchasing these tickets in your Pilgrim Packet.

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What sort of physical condition must I be in to participate?
Guests should be in overall good health and physical condition. Traveling internationally can be quite taxing. Jet lag is always a factor when travelling across multiple time zones, and guests must be able to transport their own luggage across several modes of transportation.


Guests will be walking on paved and dirt roads, uneven ground, and hiking trails. Every guest is welcome to participate at the level and distance they feel most comfortable with; optional routes will be provided to suit our guests needs and preferences.

We also recommend that guests review and update any vaccinations, refill any medical prescriptions, and consider receiving a flu vaccine before traveling.

What should I bring to wear?

October weather in Iona will likely be a mix of sun and liquid sunshine! Bring clothing and sturdy footwear that will do well in the rain, and on wet, varied surfaces.  Bring a hat, gloves, layers for warmth, and dress casually for comfort.  Bring a robe or covering for walking to the shared bathroom. Bring plenty of socks for (potentially) soggy feet! 


A retreat with Sally is like being gently welcomed into your own soul’s home. Sally intuitively knows just the right energy to bring into each interaction. When you’re enthusiastic, she’s alongside you with shining delight. When you’d prefer to sit in silence, she’s a sincere presence of stillness and accepting peace. Sally lovingly communicates important details to ensure everything is perfectly organized and every attendee feels personally taken care of. Sally‘s retreats allow for both meaningful group activities and generous bouts of independence. I hope I can continue to take part in many more journeys with her.
— Siobhan, Iona 2017 Pilgrim


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